Bowen Therapy Sessions

The moves can be done through light clothing. There are frequent important pauses to allow the body to relax and respond to the moves. Only a limited number of sequences are needed each session so the technique is simple allowing the body to achieve an optimum state of health & recovery.

1st: Longer consultation requiring health history
2nd: May last from 40–60 minutes depending on procedures

Most clients find great relief but some experience a level of detoxification which can me minimised my the following recommendations:

Recommended Follow Ups

A return session in 5–7 days
Most conditions require fewer than 3–5 sessions
Chronic conditions may require 4–8 sessions
One does not have to be unwell to have regular Bowen for relaxation & general well being.

The Bowen Practitioner

The Bowen practitioner is merely a facilitator, setting in motion processes which allow the body to naturally heal itself. The technique is never a substitute for conventional medicine, diagnosis or treatment.

For an appointment with a Bowen Practitioner, please contact the clinic.